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sometimes I could swear

I hear the sound of clouds

slamming on the brakes

slowing down to watch


Word Collection.

Poems only half exist as words on a page. A reader brings the other half to life, which is why poems are always looking for readers. Over the years I’ve written jillions of words, and some of those words became poems, and some of those poems became friends and some of those friends became books. Once in a magic while, those books find a reader. So if you’re feeling a tingly feeling right now, it’s probably magic time and you should buy yourself a poetry book.

Shedding the Angel Skin |  such goth drama

Shedding the Angel Skin | such goth drama

The Secrets of Falling |  hope is a knife edge

The Secrets of Falling | hope is a knife edge

New Hymns |  witches, bitches

New Hymns | witches, bitches

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Love, Darkness, Cinépoems.


Watching a poem is an entirely different experience than reading it on a page. I’ve made quite a few poems into short films called cinépoems over the years, thanks to the help of a whole slew of friends. We made our own costumes, mixed up fake buckets of blood, staked our claim to forests and fields, and shot these mini films with whatever equipment we could get our hands on. Some were much better ideas than others, and some haven’t aged all that well. But every last one has a story to tell. Watch and see what I mean…


We have been to the dark place…

but we are so light here, they cannot break us now.

There is nothing civilized about love.

Not the way she does it.

Every time the sky turns blue, I stop somewhere.

I wait for you.


Fair Warning.

collage and stop motion by Caroline Leonardo

inspired by “Alice is my middle name” from The Secrets of Falling poetry collection


Easter Eggs.

There were so many vampires in my first book of poetry. And I think I wrote the word “soul” 734 times. But I got it (mostly) out of my system and moved on to hope and knives. Words for fallen girls. Now I write about hellfire and tarot cards. There’s always something new to exorcise. They call it poetic license.

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Write On.