For the Bible Tells Me So

On a hill just off Lincoln Highway

sits the white church where

my parents married and I

went to Sunday School

with Nellie, my doll. I covered

mimeographs of miracles

in primary-colored snarls

and sang all the jingles of Jesus

and his love for children.

Little ones to him belong

they are weak but He is strong.

On Sunday nights I slept

in Winnie the Pooh pjs

and my dreams were full of fire

the kind that chars and burns

forever and there is no deliverance

not even maggots can escape

the inferno that feeds on souls.

I bought fire insurance when I was 4.

On my knees beside my bed

I put some Jesus in my heart.

It was the only way, they said

to find salvation.

I made periodic payments

for the next 20 years

as if enough devotion

would quench the doubt

and make me finally


04.19 | New Hymns