with a word you granted me

angel wings

with another you tore them away

and i believed i could fly

or not

by the madness of your mouth

you said it light

you laughed

and left

never thinking back

while they invaded me

your words

tattooed across my bones

diminished me

and i am vanquished now

with a word you crowned me

nearly perfect

with another you bloodied my soul

and i swore i could be or not

by the trippings of your tongue

you spoke it soft

you shrugged

and slept

never waking up

now they’ve infected me

your words

brooding within my cells

erased me

and i am nothing now

incessantly i hear them

pressing playback

through my head

like an endless screaming monologue


on your blistering groove

now i can speak

no other words

than these

they’re yours…

i’m not good enough i’m never

good enough

and i’ll never get it right

can’t i try a little harder can’t i

get myself toegether, stretch

to this measuring stick and i

can’t let you down now

i always yank you down

why even try? i’m so


…and i am hopeless now

i am broken now

i am nothing now

am i nothing?

11.96 | Shedding the Angel Skin