I crave fortresses.

High stone walls

cold deep moats

and perimeters

stalked by mastiffs.

I seek sanctuary

in earthquake kits

emergency flares

and fire retardant

safety blankets.

I take confidence

in escape hatches

and lookout towers

fallout shelters

and exit rows.

I make shopping lists

for burglar alarms,

spice casseroles

with motion sensors.

I knit and purl

with taser guns.

I want to sleep

every night

in a panic room

clad in maximum security pajamas,

one titanium alloy bodyguard

hiding in the closet, another

beneath the bed.

I require invincible

Swiss bank accounts,

infallible evacuation procedures

and infinite Plan B’s.

There must always be

another way out.

I trust no-one now

not even God

not even you.

11.08 | unpublished