Back on the Horse

In this case, the horse’s name is “Blog.”

In this case, the horse’s name is “Blog.”


It’s been awhile. In fact, it’s been *checks watch* 2 years, 25 weeks, and 5 days since I last wrote a blog entry.

I think I still know how to do this?

The big news is, NEW website!! It has been a long time in the works and finally here we are. That amazing collage and stop motion movie back on the home page? That’s the work of artist extraordinaire Caroline Leonardo, who once upon a time was Lu’s nanny and now runs her very own gallery, House O’ Beauty.

She’s not only talented and amazing, she’s also one of the loveliest human beings ever and I’ve pretty much adopted her into our family forever.

There’s a whole bunch of new stuff coming, including a new book of poems *gulp*! If you look around the site for easter eggs, you’ll find a few poems from New Hymns scattered hither and yon.

I’ll be writing more, soon, about exciting things on the horizon. But for now, off you run. Go poke around this place and see what you can see.

(And yes, that is really me on a horse, at age 17, with my virgin hair color. The horse’s name was Fantasia. He was a complete asshole, and Ioved him dearly.)


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